What is going to happen to Beverwijk 2021?


It is still entirely unsure whether our society will be back on its feet in April 2021, and whether we will be allowed to organise large events. Normally, SNJF would have started it first invitation run in September 2020, and its first preparations in August, for a large event like the Ben van der Eng Memorial takes months of preparation.

The Board of SNJF however does not see enough opportunities to continue the organisation for April 2021.

Therefore, the 22nd Ben van der Eng Memorial for April 2021 will be CANCELLED.


We are discussing a possibility to still organise an event in April, during the BENG weekend. We are still in discussion, and we hope to have more information on this soon.

Best regards.
The SNJF Board.

A special Wednesday evening


Sometimes, things happen during a Judo lesson that require special attention. This is one of those occasions. With kind permission of the Schonewille family, we made a video of what happened on Wednesday, September 23rd.
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We will not let BENG-XXII pass just like that..


We were forced to cancel BENG-XXII but that does not mean we will let the event pass just like that. So we ask you to upload your old photos of BENG in previous years aand see them appear in the slideshow above! So, please start digging in those old memory cards, go to the link below and upload them into the photo website!
Many thanks to David Hodkinson for this nice idea!

For upload, go to this link, drag your pictures into the frame, and put your name and other remarks in the comments after it is done.

Let’s see those pictures!

The XXII Ben van der Eng Memorial is CANCELLED


Our dear Judo friends,

It is with great sadness that we had to decide to cancel the XXII Ben van der Eng Memorial Tournament. The Dutch Health Authority advises us to avoid physical contact, something that is nigh-impossible on a Judo tournament. Apart from that we have had numerous cancellations from participants abroad.
We can not -and indeed, we will not- take responsibility for an outbreak leading back to our tournament, where we have around 1000 people inside a sports venue.

So now what happens?

We do advise you to cancel your hotel bookings and flights as soon as possible.
We will restitute your payment for the tournament itself in short term. However we cannot take reponsibility for cancellation costs for hotels and flights and hopefully you will be able to claim with your travel insurance company.

Beng XXII and BackToTexel III

The new date for Beng XXII is next year: April 9, 10 and 11, 2021
But we are not done yet for this year: November 14 and 15, 2020 we will organise BackToTexel III, and you are invited!

European Open Special Needs Judo Games


Dear Judo friends!

On behalf of SNJU and Judo Assist (Ireland) we have the privilege to invite you for the EOSN 2020, the annual SNJU event which takes place in beautiful Nenagh, co. Tipperary, Ireland.
from October 15th until October 18th

You can download the outlines through this link.

XXII Ben van der Eng Memorial 2020


For more information: Go to the tournament website.

How to subscribe to our calendar


We do our best to keep our Special Needs Judo Calendar up to date. But did you know you can have that exact same calendar on your mobile device, automatically updated?
How is this done?
Click on the “voeg toe” symbol at the bottom of the calendar:

A list of calendar types will show up. Select the calendar appropriate for you, and follow the instructions.
How accurate is the calendar?
Well.. we do our best to pick up the information as precise as we can, and we keep an eye on the various events as they occur, and adjust the calendar accordingly. But of course, we are only human and we cannot take responsibility for typos, misspellings and other mistakes that may have occurred.
Want to add something to our calendar?
Send an email to woc@specialneedsjudo.nl with:
– Name of event
– Date of event
– Full address of event.
– How you can be reached
– ..or send us the invitation.
Do you want the calendar on your website?
That can also be arranged. There is a piece of PHP that you must include which will show the calender on your site. Please note that we can supply you with the Javascript but we do not support the implementation, you will have to do that yourself.

SNJF are participants in the EU Erasmus+ project


SNJF are for some time now working on the preparations for the project “AUTJUDO” of the EU. This is a project, led by the Spanish university Ramon Llull, where we will investigate the positive influence that Judo has on people with ASS. The project is executed by a cooperation of 7 public and private organisations, under which SNJF. Coordination of the project it done by the University Ramon Llull, in Barcelona.
The research results will be published internationally, and hopefully lead to an improved approach to Judo lessons for people with ASS.




This is an invitation for the twenty-second edition of our great tournament in Beverwijk. We are honoured and proud to be able to invite you, our guests, for this tournament that since its inception in 1998 has become the greatest in the world for judoka with a disability.

The Ben van der Eng Memorial does not select: We accept any handicap whether it is physical or mental. Our 5-grade divisioning system is capable of handling anything from the most accomplished judoka to the most severely disabled ones.

Indeed our Sunday tournament is, we can proudly say, the greatest Judo party in the world whereas the more “serious” Saturday hosts the Special Needs World Judo Games for Shiai and Kata.

More information

This year, we have chosen to supply you with an outline document, like all the great Judo tournaments in this world. All the information should be in there but of course, if you have any questions, you can always mail our tournament control team: woc@specialneedsjudo.nl

The outline document can be downloaded here.

In the outline document is a link to the application form. However if you wish to download the form directly, you can do so through this link.

Forgot how much fun it was last year?

Here is 2019’s aftermovie!

BackToTexel II fotoserie


De schitterende “Evenementenhal Texel” op de Krim waar ons evenement BackToTexel II plaatsvond. Klik op de foto voor de hele serie!

Een touringcar vol en een paar auto’s, daarmee togen we naar “De Krim” in op Teksel Stekkel Texel voor het BackToTexel II toernooi. De splinternieuwe Evenementenhal is schitterend ingericht! Complimenten aan De Krim voor deze mooie hal.
Zaterdag: Zie de fotos, een goed verlopend toernooi. De misschien wat psychedelische kleuren van de foto’s komen doordat de Evenementenhal eigenlijk een.. evenementenhal is, en de verlichting dus, naast wit, ook alle kleuren van de regenboog heeft. Puntje voor de volgende keer, zullen we maar zeggen.
De Jilske Bokaal ging dit jaar naar de familie Ter Voort, voor de niet aflatende zorg die ze aan hun dochters besteden.
Onze dank gaat uiteraard naar onze sponsors, onze onvermoeibare medewerkers, de mensen van de Krim en niet te vergeten onze deelnemers!

European Open Special Needs Tournament 2020


It is with great pleasure and excitement that SNJU can announce that our annual European Open Special Needs Judo Games will be held in Ireland in October 15th – 18th 2020.

We invite teams from all countries with an inclusion program to join us in our flagship event of the year. There is almost a whole year to plan for what will be one of our best EOSN events to date. Come back to this space for more information!

Trailer for Ben van der Eng Memorial 2020


Next year, April 3-5, we will once again organise the greatest Special Needs Judo tournament on the planet: The Ben van der Eng Memorial. This is the trailer for this great event.
Please watch the website http://bengmemorial.com: Outlines will be made available first half of November!

Do you want to see what the tournament looked like in 2019? Here is the 2019 aftermovie!

Another milestone for Adapted Kata: The Hainaut Cup!


The Dutch team at Hainaut Cup 2017

Up to this year, the Hainaut Cup was one of the important kata tournaments in Europe, one you had to attend as a self-respecting kata team. So- Tycho van der Werff and David Lefevere indeed attended this tournament in 2017 as well as other members of the Dutch kata selection. And they will do so this year.

But, more important: The Hainaut Cup has, with great foresight, added a tournament for adapted judoka, the so-called “handi-kata”. SNJF/Katastrof have decided to support this tournament by sending no less than six kata teams, among which the heroes of Las Palmas: Thomas Sanne, Cees and Janienke but also four debutant teams, on their first international kata tournament!
This site will report on their adventures, and we wish the best of luck to all our judoka!

The bengmemorial.com site is in maintenance!


bengmemorial.com, the website containing all information about the great Beverwijk tournament, is down for maintenance to prepare for the new season. Beginning of October (and possibly earlier) we will publish all sorts of information on our great tournament, that will take place in 2020 on 3, 4 and 5 of April.

See you soon at bengmemorial.com!