A gentle reminder: the applications for BENG! 2020 are still open.

11 weeks to go, and so here is a friendly reminder: If you want to apply for the twenty-second edition of our great tournament in Beverwijk, on April 3-5, 2020 then please do so before March 8th. SNJF are honoured and proud to be able to invite you, our guests, for this tournament that since its inception in 1998 has become the greatest in the world for judoka with a disability.

The Ben van der Eng Memorial does not select: We accept any handicap whether it is physical or mental. Our 5-grade divisioning system is capable of handling anything from the most accomplished judoka to the most severely disabled ones.

Indeed our Sunday tournament is, we can proudly say, the greatest Judo party in the world whereas the more “serious” Saturday hosts the Special Needs World Judo Games for Shiai and Kata.

More information

This year, we have chosen to supply you with an outline document, like all the great Judo tournaments in this world. All the information should be in there but of course, if you have any questions, you can always mail our tournament control team: woc@specialneedsjudo.nl

The outline document can be downloaded here.

In the outline document is a link to the application form. However if you wish to download the form directly, you can do so through this link.

Subscription period closes 8th of March

Source: SNJU (A gentle reminder: the applications for BENG! 2020 are still open.

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