In SNJF’s vision, SN-Judo should be available for anyone with a physical and/or mental disability, without exceptions. Our motto is: “Normal where possible, modified where necessary”

BenVanDerEng-300x225SNJF have been founded as a non-profit organisation, supporting SN-judo withing the Netherlands and abroad, and encouraging integration of SN-judokas into the regular judo community.

Since 2000 the founders of SNJF Ben van der Eng and Tycho van der Werff deliver advice, support and know-how with organising tournaments, classification of judoka, consultancy and in short everything that is related to Special Needs Judo.TychoVanDerWerff-300x202

SNJF was the driving force behind the government-supported “Judo for Caregivers” education package which guarantees comprehensive education (And an official certificate to prove it!) for judo sensei dealing with handicapped and/or disabled judoka.

The large body of expertise within SNJF is available for governmental and private organisations withing The Netherlands and abroad.