About our shuttle service

Unfortunately, our shuttles a a bit more modest..

Please, be on time!

When you are dropped off in the evening evening, the driver of the shuttle will agree with you on your pickup time for the next morning.
We cannot say this often enough: Please, be on time!. We are on a tight schedule and we cannot wait for you- In fact, we will not wait very long for you if you do not show up at the appointed time.

Still cannot make it?

If you really cannot make it, then please call our Logistics Coordinator:
+31 6 54 39 41 46

Leaving for Schiphol Airport

As far as we are aware, nobody needs to be rushed to Schiphol after the Sunday medal ceremony. But please, stick to the schedule and make sure you are ready with your bags. Therefore: Do not leave your bags in the hotel, and take them with you to The Walvis on Sunday!

Brazilians and Japanese judoka visiting SNJF/BeterJudo

Group picture.. click it to see the gallery.

Today, SNJF/BeterJudo was visited by sensei Yamasaki and Kazuya, and also by the complete Brazilian Judo team. The Brazilians arrived yesterday and were guided through Amsterdam today by some of our volunteers, but the Japanese gentlemen came straight from the airport into our dojo. Cheers for these men, after an 11-hour flight straight to the tatami!

Poules for BENG!XX

The applications are all in, and we needed some time to compile the poules. On this page, you can download the poulesheets.
If you have any remarks, then please mail these to woc2018@specialneedsjudo.nl. However if you object to one of your judoka being placed in a certain poule then please be so kind as to suggest an alternative (*).
You can do this until Wednesday the 11th of April.

(*) Obvously, you can only suggest alternatives for your own judoka!

Poule sheets

Special Needs World Judo Games
Special Needs World Judo Games KATA
Ben van der Eng Memorial morning session
Ben van der Eng Memorial afternoon session

Our divisioning guidelines can be found HERE.

We want your Instagram pictures!

The Instagram feed on the right side of the website is fed by YOU! If you take Instagrams during your preparations, your trip or during the tournament, please add the hashtag #BENGXX and the picture will be put on our website automatically (*). Underneath you can see the latest addition.

[wdi_feed id=”3″]

(*) Obviously, when abused your userID will be blocked and reported to Instagram.

Procedures on tournament days

Tournament Control at work

On Tournament Day

Most of our guests know the procedure, but this year we welcome so many new guests that we think it is good to repeat our procedures again:


On arrival, please report to Tournament Control. There you will receive your participants package:
– Final instructions
– Competitor cards (Sunday)
– T-shirts (location next to Tournament Control)
– Lunch tickets


– Luncheon packets and the lunch room are available starting 12:00 on both tournament days.
– All participating judoka are entitled to a luncheon packet and a t-shirt on competition day.
– Referees, kata judges and special guests will lunch in the meeting room above the main hall.

The schedule is complete

This is the schedule for BENG!XX as we can now present it. However anything can happen, and of course we will keep everybody up to date on developments.


Friday evening april 13th 2018
15:00 – 17:00 Divisioning workshop (English spoken)

We invite all our judoka and coaches present in NL to attend this workshop, especially the judoka that did not participate in our tournament before, as we will do their actual divisioning during this workshop. Please wear your Gi, it is very interactive!

17:00 – 18:00 Referee, Rules and Regulations seminar (English spoken)
17:00 – 18:00 Weigh-in for judoka already present
Saturday april 14th 2018
08:00 Venue opens
08:00 – 08:30 Weigh-in for remaining judoka
09:00 – 12:00 Special Needs World Judo Games 2018
Levels 1-3
13:00 – 17:00 SNWJG Kata Tournament
17:00 – 18:00 Coach workshop (Come in Gi!)
20:00 – 23:00 Party in Assumburg Castle
Sunday april 15th 2018
08:00 Venue opens
09:00 – 12:30 Ben van der Eng Memorial, morning session
Levels 1-5, judoka under 16yrs
12:30 – 13:30 Intermission, with the ladies band 3eigenwijs!
13:30 – 17:30 Ben van der Eng Memorial, afternoon session
Levels 1-5, judoka 16yrs and older
On Saturday, people who do not participate in the contest can be transported by one of our shuttles to the Beverwijk Bazaar (link in Dutch) where you can have fun and maybe score some cheap bargains! The trip costs 2 Euros vice versa, to be paid to the driver.Pickup will take place at about 17:00 in an agreed spot.

Many thanks to our sponsors!

We have many more but not all institutions that contribute to our tournament wish to be in the spotlights. This is a small thank-you to those pictured above, but also to the ones that prefer to stay in the background. Many, many thanks!

specialneedsjudo.nl has a translate feature!

Today, we included Google Translate functionality on our website. Because we will be entertaining guests from many countries during our tournament in April, we feel we should be able to convey our message in as many languages as possible. However.. we all know Google Translate and how it sometimes goes completely amiss so we would like your feedback if you find something funny. We do not think we can fix this, but at least it is funny. So.. please give our translator a go and let us know what you think!
Just click ‘select language’ and check!

A piece of advice on hotel bookings

Dear participants,

We are receiving messages that the hotels in the vicinity of Beverwijk are all booked full. That may be the case, but we also noticed that many people are trying to book through booking.com or other booking sites. SNJF advices you that -by all means- if you can get your room through a booking site then please do so, but if you do not succeed, try to call the hotel as they probably still have rooms left, and maybe even a better deal.

Come to the Special Needs World Judo Games!

The registration for Beverwijk 2018 is open! You can see the information and sign-up pages HERE. The great tournament takes place on april 14 and 15, 2018, in three parts:

  • Referee and Rules seminar (13/4)
  • The Special Needs World Judo Games, the top tournament for levels 1, 2 and 3 (14/4)
  • The SNWJG Kata tournament (14/4)
  • The great Ben van der Eng Memorial Tournament for all levels (15/4)

As always, surrounded by music, seminars and fun!

See you in Beverwijk!

Please request your visa NOW

The enrollment for the SNWJG tournament is in full swing! We have applications from all over the world, and unfortunately the Dutch Government requires visa for some countries.
Due to the long time necessary to request a visa, we urge all our foreign guests to:

  1. Check whether you need a visa to come to the Netherlands. The list of countries is can be found HERE.
  2. Request a visa as soon as possible. You can use THIS link to do this.

Please note that a visa request can take up to 60 days!
General information can be found through THIS link.

If necessary, SNJF can issue an official invitation for the tournament. Go to THIS page to read about what we can and cannot do.

Assumburg Castle is FULL: Alternative locations

Our promotion for Assumburg Castle as a sleeping venue was very successful, so much that the hotel is now FULLY BOOKED. If you come with a small amount of people you may still be able to get a reservation but if you don’t, underneath is a list of hotels nearby.
If you wish to search for a hotel or B&B yourself, then please limit yourself to the following cities:
– Beverwijk
– IJmuiden
– Wijk aan Zee
– Velsen
– Heemskerk

Hotels close to the Sports Venue “De Walvis”

Hotel Marquette Heemskerk
Fletcher Hotel Spaarnwoude
Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg
Hotel Augusta
Puur Zee/Hotel-villa De Klughte
Hotel Weijman
Hotel Mare Sanat
Strandhotel het Hoge Duin
Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Zeeduin
Hotel Prinsenhof IJmuiden