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Want to book Assumburg Castle for World Judo Games/BENG 2018?

Dear guests of the World Judo Games and BENG!XX on april 14 and 15 2018,

We have managed to make an allotment for over 100 beds in StayOkay Assumburg Castle in Heemskerk, for 13 and 14 of april. In other words: Arrival friday the 13th, departure the 15th. Assumburg will, especially for SNJF, use the same prices as in 2017. So, no new and higher prices!

The special offer runs until Januari 1st 2018. Two bedrooms on the ground floor have been made available for wheelchair users.

If you wish to book for the weekend, then it is important to contact StayOkay Assumburg Castle directly, and mention the fact that you would like to use the allotment made by SNJF. You will then be able to discuss the number of places, and when you would like to arrive and depart.

The sooner everybody reserves, the better StayOkay can anticipate your individual wishes.

Contact information for StayOkay Assumburg Castle are:

Stayokay Heemskerk
Tolweg 9 | 1967 NG | Heemskerk
phone +31251232288 | fax +31251251024

For questions: Please refer to SNJF’s secretary, Mrs. Inger de Vries:
phone: +31 6 30123185

World Judo Games 2018

In 2018, SNJF will organise her great Beverwijk tournament for the 20th time. To celebrate this event we will invite the whole world to come, and rename our Saturday tournament to World Judo Games. To organise all this, we will cooperate with the Special Needs Judo Union. Also, we will invite Level 3 judoka to participate in the tournament.

If you are interested in participating, or in the events surrounding the World Judo Games, then please click HERE to subscribe yourself to the newsletter (preferably using your Facebook account) and select the category “BEVERWIJK 2018 EN”

If you are aware of other interested clubs or persons, then please do not hesitate to point them to this website.

Knighthood in the Order of Orange-Nassau

Tycho krijgt de Koninklijke onderscheiding opgespeld door de Burgemeester van Amstelveen, Drs. M.M. van ‘t Veld. Klik voor meer foto’s.

The legendary Ben van der Eng preceded him, and our chairman Henk and Secretary Inger De Vries already have one too, but today was Tycho’s turn:
His Majesty the King of the Netherlands has seen fit to bestow upon

Tycho van der Werff

the honour of

Knight in the order of Orange-Nassau (*)

And well-deserved it is, for teaching Judo to handicapped people for more than 25 years!

We congratulate Tycho with this major milestone!

(*) For our British friends: Equivalent to OBE

Who is the opponent in kata?

From Sebastiaan Fransen’s blog (Dutch)

Saturday April 1st, Special Needs Judo Fondation organised once again the Open European Special Needs Kata Championships. Last year I was kata judge too and I wrote about Merijn, Luna and the experience and dedication in the Special Needs Judo.

To keep a long story short: I was a kata judge this year and again I was moved to tears.. and I was not the only one.

I saw Sanne and Dave execute a complete (!) nage-no-kata. It is not hard to understand that I, as a kata judge, had no other choice than to assign 9s and 10s to this great execution. I tried to remain stoic but I am afraid my enthusiasm was clearly showing, and to be honest, I really don’t mind.

At the same moment Danny Hogetoorn executed his kata, specially developed by Tycho van der Werff. Danny suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), making Judo very difficult for him.

This is a cinematic moment whereby everybody feels something special is going on, and the whole venue falls silent. Danny already falls over during the greeting ceremony. However, giving up is not an option. He picks himself up and continues.

The big hall is silent, and all eyes are on Danny and Tycho. A battle is being fought here, but which? Man to man? Man to disease?

The kata is done. Danny and Tycho salute the jury. The audience applauds for at least five minutes for this wonderful achievement. I applaud too in appreciation. Happy to be part of this beautiful moment and a fantastic day.

The reflection comes later. What makes this kata on this day so special? What makes this event so special?

In my earlier blog about the adapted judo I already mentioned the experience and dedication of these judoka. The friendship, and helping each other. Jita Kyoei, mutual prosperity for yourself and others.

But, more things come to mind.

In Judo, there is Shin Gi Tai. Shin is the mind, heart and spirit. Gi is the technique. Tai is the body.

In kata, we sometimes lose ourselves in gi and tai. We talk about ura and only look at form, or we study all technical details: Are the distances accurate, is the left toe positioned correctly, are the legs together when falling? All of it important, but there is more.

“Judo teaches us to find the best course of action, regardless of the individual circumstances.”
– Jigorō Kanō

Shin is at least as important for a baanced study of kata. Development of mind, heart and spirit.

I think about courage, to show your vulnerability for the audience with a modified kata. Perseverance to pick up yourself after falling. Being able to accept that your body or mind may desert you any moment and searching for the things that are possible. An enormous spiritual power.

That is what I saw in that kata, during that special event. Judoka who are committed to the optimal development of mind and body, by studying kata with overwhelming spiritual power. Shin Gi Tai. I can only pay my respect for this, and then think of how I can incorporate that in my own Judo.

QD02 – Ben van der Eng Memorial Day 2

Ladies’ Orchestra 3igenwijs, click picture for full gallery.

..and it is done. The 19th edition of the grand Beverwijk Tournament. De tatami are cleared out, we waved the guests goodbye (and we thank you so much for being there!) and we will now prepare for BXX, the TWENTIETH tournament en this promises to be an even bigger party! We will get back to you on this soon, but the date is set already:

April 14 and 15, 2018

See you then, in Beverwijk!

Here are the Beverwijk poolsheets!

Here are the (preliminary) pools for the Beverwijk tournament. The three links on top will bring you to the various parts of the weekend.
Some remarks: If you would like to change parts of the pools, then please mail to But, make sure you have an alternative proposal.
Names in green are judoka who are under 16, but for whom we have a better pool in the afternoon.
Names in blue are special pools.

Click HERE to view the poolsheets!

Please choose your sleeping venue wisely..

Please note that it is extremely important to choose your sleeping venue as close to Beverwijk as possible. This is why we advise you to select a hotel in one of the places around Beverwijk. You can select your hotel through THIS page.

If your hotel is not in Beverwijk, Wijk aan Zee of Heemskerk, we may not be able to help you with our shuttle service. Our shuttle schedule is extremely busy taking people to and from the Walvis and cannot endure too much detour.

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