RE13 – Amsterdam Judo Event photos and results

Mitchell Schoonhoven and Abigail Teunissen performing at AJE Kata. Click the picture for the gallery.

A successful afternoon in Amsterdam’s Sporthallen Zuid has shown the results of the Katastrof team’s relentless training on Friday evenings. Results can be found below. Also, Tycho van der Werff and David Lefevere competed as a last training before they will leave for Kopr (Slovenia) this Wednesday, where the European Championships Kata will take place. They ended first, and became the Amsterdam champions.
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Week 19 at BeterJudo

Click the picture for full gallery

We made another set of pictures of the SNJF/BeterJudo lessons this week, and here is the result. We regularly make pictures of our lessons, and of all tournaments and activities we take part in. Did you know we also have an extensive photo website, covering all BeterJudo activities since 2010? This resulted in about 1,2 million pictures, of which roughly 95.000 have been published. Check out our photo website! It can be found HERE.

Please remember to fill in our survey

Last wednesday we sent you our survey about the BENG!XX tournament. We will use the results of that survey to improve our organisation and to make BENG!XXI even better. Up to now we are very happy with the large response but we would like more people to tell us their opinion about our great tournament. So if you did not complete that survey, please do so now!

You can find the survey through this link.

The SNJF Media team

Mariska Waanders (video), Bob Lefevere (photo) en Carolina Spekkers (photo)

The people carrying the cameras during the BENG! event are part of the SNJF Media team. They make the massive amount of photos and videos (In total about 180 GB of material!) that we will provide to our guests, and from which, for example, the aftermovie is made of.

These photos can be accessed through our photo website.

Click here for our photo website

These photos are free to download however: You are not allowed to remove the logo without our permission.

The aftermovie can be seen here:

RD15 – BENG Day 3

Michel and Marvin during warming-up. Click on the picture to see all photos (224)

It is done, the last day of BENGXX has passed.
Looking at the enormous feedback we had through Facebook and other channels we think BENGXX was a successful project. Next week, we will evaluate this weekend, and somewhere in August we will start all over for BENGXXI which will take place on

April 12 – 14, 2019

We still owe you an aftermovie and we will send you a small survey and after that, we will switch off those pesky emails.. Until we will start inviting you for BENGXXI!

RD14 – BENGXX Day 2

Participants during the welcome ceremony. Click the picture for the full gallery by Bob Lefevere and Carolina Spekkers.

Since a large number of judoka entered with a completely wrong weight (as in: We do not mind a kilo difference, but 25?) Tournament Control was forced to completely rewrite each and every poule in the morning. This led to a delay of about 30 minutes, but we got rid of that during the day.
We have seen beautiful matches, and the experiment with a ne-waza judoka in the level 1 group was (according to SNJF) successful.
The kata tournament was another great success of today. We saw many beautiful kata, and there is a marked progress in some couples.

Tomorrow promises to be a spectacle. 8 tatami with about 500 judoka! The Red Army (our volunteers in the red t-shirts) are ready to make all this happen.

See you tomorrow!

RD13 – BENGXX Day One

Pictures of the first day. Click the picture for the full gallery.

Day 1 was reserved for a divisioning workshop and the procedures around this. Main goal of the divisioning exercise is to ensure safety- we definitely do not want a level 4 to end up in a poule with level 1 judoka, as the results can be disastrous. During the twenty years that this tournament exists, our participants never suffered a major injury, and we intend to keep it that way. Over 130 judoka reported for this workshop en from 15:00 until about 17:00 the participants were checked out on the correct level.
After this, referees and coaches moved to a meeting room, where James Mulroy and Jenny Koster discussed the various rules in Special Needs Judo with the audience.

Tomorrow will be a long day. We cannot say this enough: Please, please be on time for your transport!

About our shuttle service

Unfortunately, our shuttles a a bit more modest..

Please, be on time!

When you are dropped off in the evening evening, the driver of the shuttle will agree with you on your pickup time for the next morning.
We cannot say this often enough: Please, be on time!. We are on a tight schedule and we cannot wait for you- In fact, we will not wait very long for you if you do not show up at the appointed time.

Still cannot make it?

If you really cannot make it, then please call our Logistics Coordinator:
+31 6 54 39 41 46

Leaving for Schiphol Airport

As far as we are aware, nobody needs to be rushed to Schiphol after the Sunday medal ceremony. But please, stick to the schedule and make sure you are ready with your bags. Therefore: Do not leave your bags in the hotel, and take them with you to The Walvis on Sunday!

Brazilians and Japanese judoka visiting SNJF/BeterJudo

Group picture.. click it to see the gallery.

Today, SNJF/BeterJudo was visited by sensei Yamasaki and Kazuya, and also by the complete Brazilian Judo team. The Brazilians arrived yesterday and were guided through Amsterdam today by some of our volunteers, but the Japanese gentlemen came straight from the airport into our dojo. Cheers for these men, after an 11-hour flight straight to the tatami!

Poules for BENG!XX

The applications are all in, and we needed some time to compile the poules. On this page, you can download the poulesheets.
If you have any remarks, then please mail these to However if you object to one of your judoka being placed in a certain poule then please be so kind as to suggest an alternative (*).
You can do this until Wednesday the 11th of April.

(*) Obvously, you can only suggest alternatives for your own judoka!

Poule sheets

Special Needs World Judo Games
Special Needs World Judo Games KATA
Ben van der Eng Memorial morning session
Ben van der Eng Memorial afternoon session

Our divisioning guidelines can be found HERE.