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Please note that this page will only be made definitive in november 2017. Until that time, feel free to read but be aware things might change!

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Dates, times and a tentative schedule
Location, travel and shuttle service
Financial and payments
How to sign up for the tournament
Sleeping arrangements
Rules and Regulations for the Judo tournament
Rules and Regulations for the Kata tournament
If you need a visa to come to The Netherlands
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Dates, times and tentative schedule

Please note that the planning for the tournament will be finalised in March 2018. Up to then, this is a tentative schedule.


Saturday april 14th 2018
08:00 Venue opens
08:00 – 08:30 Weigh-in
09:00 – 12:00 Special Needs World Judo Games 2018
Levels 1-2
13:00 – 17:30 SNWJG Kata Tournament
20:00 – 23:00 Party in Assumburg Castle
Sunday april 15th 2018
08:00 Venue opens
09:00 – 12:30 Ben van der Eng Memorial, morning session
Levels 1-5, judoka under 16yrs
13:30 – 17:30 Ben van der Eng Memorial, afternoon session
Levels 1-5, judoka 16yrs and older
On Saturday, people who do not participate in the contest can be transported by one of our shuttles to the Beverwijk Bazaar (link in Dutch) where you can have fun and maybe score some cheap bargains! The trip costs 2 Euros vice versa, to be paid to the driver.Pickup will take place at about 17:00 in an agreed spot.


On friday evening, a seminar will be arranged for the referees about the new rules adopted by the Dutch Judo Federation. More details on this later.


Location, travel and shuttle service



Sporthal De Walvis, Van Loenenlaan 1, 1945 TB Beverwijk, The Netherlands


By train
The venue is a 15-minute walk away from NS Station Beverwijk. No international trains stop at Beverwijk Station. For that you will have to go through NS Amsterdam Central Station and then to Beverwijk.
By air
Schiphol Airport is about 30-45 minutes away, depending on traffic.
If you travel by air and want to be picked up, we need your flight details at least one week before the flight. If you cannot yet complete this information on your entry form, then please make sure you convey it to our Logistics Coordinator as soon as possible.
By ferry
TIP: If you travel from the Northern UK or Scotland, the DFDS Ferry Newcastle-IJmuiden may be an option for you! The ferry docks at about 10:00 in the morning in IJmuiden, so you may need to come in a day early.
The venue is about a 15 minute-drive away from the Felison Ferry Terminal. As with air travel, if you need to be picked up from the Ferry Terminal then contact our Logistics Coordinator!

Shuttle service

Our shuttles only run on the following routes
Shuttle service Dates
From Schiphol Airport to De Walvis and back April 13, 14 and 15
From De Walvis to and from our recommended sleeping locations and back April 14 and 15
There is a shuttle available on Monday the 16th of April for people leaving on Monday, but it is very important to arrange this with the Logistics Coordinator.
The costs for the shuttle are 5 Euros. This will allow you to use the service for the whole weekend. You will have to book this through the booking form.


Finance and payments

Event fees

Event Fee
Open European Special Needs Tournament, Saturday morning, April 14th € 10,-
Open European Special Needs Kata Tournament, Saturday afternoon, April 14th € 15,- per couple
Ben van der Eng Memorial Tournament (BENG!), Sunday April 15th FREE
Participation fee includes a t-shirt per competitor and a lunch package on competition day
Shuttle transport is 5 euros per person. This will allow you to travel by shuttle during the weekend.

Bank information

All fees are to be transferred to
IBAN NL42 ABNA 0504 1510 96
For attention of Special Needs Judo Foundation
Please mention your club name in the transfer details


How to sign up for the tournament


Download your subscription form HERE. Complete it and send it back to Tournament Control before March 30, 2018.

Please note: ONLY applications using the application form will be accepted. Please, DO NOT try to apply using e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook or SMS

Closing date for subscription is March 30, 2018



Sleeping arrangements

You must make your own sleeping arrangements. There are a number of recommended sleeping locations. Assumburg Castle is always booked full early but please try them first as the availability varies from day to day. If you cannot find a room in one of our recommended hotels, please contact our logistics coordinator first. It is quite impossible for our extremely busy shuttle service to pick up people from Noordwijk, Egmond, Castricum, Haarlem or Amsterdam- because it is simply too far away. Therefore, again: DO NOT book any venue outside the recommended places without first discussing the location with our Logistics Coordinator.

Of course, if you have your own means of traveling, there are no such restrictions and you can stay wherever you like.

The recommended hotel locations can be found through THIS link.


Rules and regulations for the Judo tournament

Download the Rules and Regulations document here.


Rules and regulations for the Kata tournament

Download the Kata rules document here.


If you need a visa to come to The Netherlands

People from certain countries need a visa to come to The Netherlands. We can help to some extent with this, but the rules are very strict. Please click HERE for more information.


Contact Information

Here is a list of the relevant SNJF officials and their email addresses.

Tournament administration (Christel Mulder) For all questions regarding the tournament, payments, signing up, etc
Technical questions (Tycho van der Werff) For all Judo-related questions like divisioning, rules, etc.
Logistics Coordinator (Piet Vittali) For all questions regarding sleeping arrangements, travel, etc.
Public Relations/Webmaster (Bob Lefevere) Contact email for Press, Photography, Radio, TV and other media


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my flight?

If you only arrive on your tournament day, you have a very, very busy day ahead and maybe that takes away some of the fun. So we think it is better to arrive a day earlier, and come to De Walvis at your leisure. The same goes for leaving on Sunday: Do not take too early a flight back. You have to be at Schiphol Airport two hours in advance, and the drive to Schiphol may take 45-60 minutes, all of which is a very stressful experience. We will do our best (And we usually succeed) to finish the tournament at about 17:30. A flight back could then start at 20:00. If you really have to go early then contact our logistics coordinator and transport will be arranged.

I come to the Netherlands by DFDS ferry. What are the things I should take care of?

Please note that the ferry only docks at 10:00 and that you are probably only off the ship at 10:30. The drive to the venue is only 15 minutes, with good navigation.
However, note that the tournament already begins at 09:00. It would be wise to come in a day early.

I will arrive on Friday. What are the things I can do?

Obviously there is Amsterdam you can go to, with all the tourist attractions. But the IJmond region (The cities of Beverwijk, Wijk aan Zee and IJmuiden) also have really nice things to do. Wijk aan Zee and IJmuiden have great beaches to take a stroll, with very good restaurants. Maybe you could even arrange an afternoon of blokarting, there are several schools in the area.

I would like to make photos during the OESN tournament

This is, to some extent, possible. You will have to email our PR contact, as there are some rules you will have to adhere to. Also, we will only allow a limited number of photographers near the contest area. Photography during the BENG tournament is allowed for everybody.

How to follow the tournament through other media?

The SNJF sends out information through all sorts of media. Here is an overview:

Twitter, main channel @snjudonl
Twitter, tournament hashtag channel #BWXX
Facebook, main channel Click HERE

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